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The high impact plastic hull makes the Wet Ski and Wet Racer the most durable water crafts available. The special plastic is double walled and then foam filled with a high density foam. With this combination, we get the extreme durability. You can take a sledge hammer and beat the hull, or even more comon have two boats hit, and it will take it. We have been using this plastic for rental / concession boats and go-karts for more than 25 years. Some of our boats have been in use for more than 14 years.

Any one familiar with concession go-karts in the United States knows that it is more like bumper cars. Under these extreme, punishing conditions, the single walled go-kart bodies last for years. The punishment that these boats will take is far less than a go-kart.

We know from experience that there is no other PWC that will take the abuse like the Wet Ski or Wet Racer.


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