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R.E. Enterprises offers a new High Impact Plastic Hull for the boat rental market. We have two different fiberglass top shells that fit the bottom plastic hull, the Wet Ski and the Wet Racer.

The Wet Ski and Wet Racer are personal water crafts that from the beginning were designed for the PWC rental market. With the special high impact plastic hull, the Wet Ski and Wet Racer are built to take the hits, bumps, and abuse. There is not a fiberglass PWC that can withstand the punishment of the rental market like the Wet Ski or Wet Racer. Check out what these PWCs have to offer. And why if you are renting the Yamaha Waverunner, Bomidair Sea Doo, or Kawasaki Wet Ski, we can give you a safer, more maintenance free operation.




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