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The entire lower half is a special, double walled, high impact plastic, that is foam filled. This eliminates the number one problem of other boats, broken glass. If you stop the cracks, brakes and leaks, you keep most of the water out of the inside of the boat. This alone helps the motor, electrical, and anything mechanical have less maintenance.

A 12 gallon fuel tank requires less fill ups, less labor for refueling, more time for the fun stuff.

It is true, all PWCs have maintenance. But if we could eliminate up to 50% of the maintenance or more, what would that be worth?

The plastic hull is going to last for years. However the engines, pumps and other parts will need replacing. Our special body design makes this easy. The entire top fiberglass top shell comes off in about 15 minutes. You have complete, easy access to the entire engine area. Doing major motor repair has never been so convenient.

We have also designed the engine hull to fit many of the popular PWC's motor and pumps. With some modifications, many of Yamaha, Bomidear, and Kawasaki motors and pumps can be accommodated.



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