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Not only have we been building boats and go-karts for the rental / concession markets over 30 years. We've been operating them for over 40 years. As an operator of rentals we know how important it is to have a safe operation. We also know that less maintenance makes for a smoother operation and a greater income.

The Wet Ski and Wet Racer were designed from the very beginning with these two points as our main focus.

So what is in it for you?

1. Added Safety.

No one wants to see a customer get hurt. They come to us to have fun. We do all we can to make their rental time as safe as possible. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the PWC rental market, things happen that are not in our control. The Wet Ski and Wet Racer won't make all safety issues go away. But they do offer more then what has been available. If for no other reason, the safety that these boats offer should be enough to make this your only personal water craft used for the rental market. To find out more, check out the Added Safety page.

2. Less Maintenance.

It is an added bonus. The high impact plastic hull makes the boat safer. It also almost eliminates cracks and breaks so common with the fiberglass PWC's. Not only is there less fiberglass repair, there is less water in the engine compartment. Nothing causes more problems in the engine compartment then salt water. Having a more stable boat makes the boats safer. It also cuts down on the capsized boats. Anyone in the rental market knows what hazards and maintenance problems capsized boats cause. To find out more, check out the Less Maintenance page.


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