Long before there was a battery system that would work for go-karts, RE Enterprises built an electric floor pickup system to run indoors. No need to worry about battery chargers, battery replacements, karts running out of juice. Turn on a switch and they're ready to go. Turn off the power and all karts are off instantly. The speed is controlled by the turn of a knob.

The track shown here is in Salt Lake City Utah at the Fun Dome. These karts have been operating since 1994 and are still in operation today.

Low maintenance, safe, and fun. The slick metal floor makes for a challenging ride. Just turn on a switch and the whole track is ready to go. It's a real winner.

Until recently the electric floor was the only solution for indoor electric karts. But that has now changed with the fast charge battery systems.

Electric karts can now be battery operated. A quick charging system charges the batteries while loading and unloading customers.

For electric karts we recommend our Speed Racer or CanAm Racer. It is small, has a great body and it is a great handling kart.