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Check out R.E. Enterprises' new design for our Electric Bumper Boat and other boats, including the new Jolly Roger Pirate Ship. Available in 24 volt DC or 36 volt DC. Just because it is electric, does not mean that it has to be slow. The 36 volt setup has as much thrust as a 2hp Honda. By far the most effective electric boat motor on the market.

Add some wet excitement to your park. All of our electric boats have an optional water cannon. It draws water directly from the pond.

Electric boats are so much cleaner than gas boats. Your pond water will be much easier to maintain. There is less maintenance. Each boat comes with a battery charger that has long charging leads for the low voltage DC. Easily store the chargers away from the water.

For new locations or to replace old boats, the new electric boats are your best option.

Bumper Boat
Pirate Ship
Hydro Cruiser
Gun Boat
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