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We introduced our first bumper car more than three decades ago. Since that time our Bumper Cars have made some significant changes. Always improving on the overall performance, maintenance and style. The new Bump'n Time Bumper Car is completely redesigned and by far the best Bumper Car on the market today.

Some key features are:

  • Simple yet effective design.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Cost effective.
  • 360 degree steering.
  • Steer the car in any directions or spin in any direction.
  • Direct drive wheel. No chains or belts.
  • Industrial grade motor / drive wheel..
  • Industrial grade solid state motor control.
  • Reliable industrial grade radio control shutoff..
  • Body is hinged for easy access and maintenance.
  • Up to four deep cycle batteries.
  • Up to 25 amp battery charger.
  • Up to 10 hours of operation.
  • Seat designed for an adult and child.
  • Vinyl tube.
  • Less weight more durable.

As with all rides, there are important aspects to be successful:

Safety. A vinyl, low pressure shock absorbing tube is what makes this ride so safe. It absorbs the shock, allowing for head-on-fun! The seat design, head and back pad, steering pad, and seat belt are all part of the safety design as well.

Fun. Head-On-Fun! Bump from any direction. Quick and responsive 360 degree steering. Fast spins. Kids understand the concept of using a steering wheel, making it more fun for them.

Maintenance. No matter how fun the ride is, it has to be working to make money. With each new Bumper Car design, maintenance just keeps getting better. Check out the key features listed above to see what make this new Bumper Car the best available. There's just no competition!

Cost. By keeping things simple (yet very durable), we have kept the cost of the Bumper Car to a minimal. Installation costs are very reasonable as well. A smooth concrete surface, barrier, fencing, lighting, and aesthetics are all that is needed. No need for expensive installations.

Our totally redesigned Bumper Car is the most cost effective, safe, Head-On-Fun Bumper Car available!!


Deluxe Bumper Car - $5,100.00
Quantity 6 or more - $4,900.00

Key features - 4 batteries - Charger - Gel coat paint.

Radio Control Transmitter - $900.00

Radio Control Receiver - $475.00

Diameter - 6 feet
Height - 36 inches
Weight - 530 lb (four batteries)

24 VDC battery charger at 25 amps -
AC input 117 volt 8 amps

Floor surface -
Concrete - shuffle board surface (very smooth).

Information / pricing subject to change without notice

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