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It is here!! A Dragster ride with the thrill (and capacity) to make money!!

RE's Funnycar Dragster is the first of its kind. It is all electric. Reaching speeds of 60+ mph...150 feet in as little as 2.5 seconds. That's fast!! What even makes it more exciting is that you are in control... You race it...You stop it!! As for realistic, the tires squealing for 40 feet would be enough, but we have a sound system built into each dragster that sounds and feels almost as "real" as the real thing.

Super Speed Fun Park in Panama City Beach installed the first Electric Funny Car Dragster from RE Enterprises, Inc. Click here to see the details on this new attraction.

Because it is all electric, maintenance is very low for this type of ride. Everything is built for high performance and we used the latest solid-state technology.

Download our color brochure for the Funny Car Dragster. Requires Acrobat Reader