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The Funny Car Dragster, RE Enterprises’ most exciting thrill ride ever!! Not only will your customers thrill from screaming down the track in 2.5 seconds, you’ll be thrilled as this becomes your number one park attraction.

Today people want a rush, they want more speed and excitement.

Funny Car Dragster has it all!

The Funny Car Dragster proved to be a winner at its first location, Super Speed Fun Park in Panama Beach Florida. We know it will be a winner at your location too!

We know that no matter how exciting a ride is, if it’s not in operation, you’re not making money. RE Enterprises strives to bring the amusement industry the most reliable and innovative rides. We have created a winner with the Funny Car Dragster. It has what it takes: thrill, excitement, speed -- as well as high capacity, low maintenance, and safety. Now let us show you how the Funny Car Dragster will be a winner for you!

Some key points of RE Enterprises’ Funny Car Dragster:

You are in control...You race it...You stop it!!

  • Special track allows dragster to move freely within lane.
  • Maintains safety for the driver.
  • Driver has control of steering, accelerator, and manual brake.
  • Customer skill is necessary, creating genuine challenge.
  • The more control customers have, the better their time.

All electric

  • Race lane operates at 156 volts DC.
  • Return lane operates at 48 volts DC.

Up to 200 horse power

  • Only an electric motor could put out this kind of a demand with minimal maintenance.
  • Latest solid state motor-control for special high performance designed specifically for drag racing.

Low maintenance system

  • No need for specially trained mechanics.
  • Durable chassis.
  • Rugged and simple drive train.
  • Electric motors require no special tuning.
  • Change motor brushes once or twice a year.
  • Very few adjustments.
  • Send the motor to a motor shop every other year to have it serviced.

High capacity

  • Unique track design has a ride capacity of up to 240 rides per hour.
  • Capacity of 480 rides per hour is possible with some additional features.

Low Operating Costs

  • Cost of electricity is far less than the cost of fuel dragsters.
  • Operation is quite easy to operate, only requires 2 - 4 employees.
  • Not to mention lower maintenance.

Timing system

  • A fully functional Christmas tree starting light.
  • Scoreboard shows the race time and the speed.
  • Time slip is printed at the end of each race.

Safety features

  • Automatic power down & Automatic brakes.
  • Slow return lane & other safety features in track design.
  • Solid state motor control with safety sensors.
  • Attendant-controlled emergency shutoff.

Here’s How it Works: A simple, yet effective design is accomplished by utilizing an electrical system. Complete track and loading area control is done from a control panel (shown to the right). Not only can you shut down the entire track instantly, you control power to different areas (or zones) of the track. Race lane power comes on automatically at the start of a race. Within a few seconds race lane power shuts off automatically.

Braking and returns are simple and safe. There are two braking methods. One is a manual brake controlled by the driver. An automatic brake comes on when a dragster crosses the finish line. After the finish line there is no power. When a dragster crosses the finish line, a sensor within the motor control senses this and applies an automatic brake. When both dragsters come to a complete stop, a track attendant turns on low voltage momentary to power dragsters to the return lanes. These lanes are powered by low voltage for a slow return speed. When ever there is a lose of power or it is turned off by track attendants, the brakes engage automatically. We have proven the Funny Car Dragsters to be safe, exciting and a winner!

We sell 2 different packages:

  • Package 1 for those who want to build the track themselves.
  • Package 2 for those wanting a complete turnkey package.
    Click here for pricing.