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RE's hybrid system is a revelutionary concept of combining the best of plastic and the best of fiberglass to create a safer, more durable go-kart. It really is quite simple. We have a specially designed plastic body as the seat base. And there is the fiberglass top shell.

The plastic base is made of a special cross link plastic. Its ability to take high impact hits is extrodinary. The body sits on urethane shock absorber that are mounted to the frame. This eliminates much of the stress in the contact areas. The design of the body is unique as well. Since it is covered by the fiberglass shell we built it for strenght, not looks. The spring steel bumper that goes around the body also helps distribute the impact and protects the plastic from guawges caused by sharp objects.

One of fiberglass' best qualities is the look that you can build into it. We have at least 3 or more fiberglass shells that fit the same plastic base. You can have a different look on your track without replacing all the karts. The plastic base protects the fiberglass shell by absorbing most of the shock from bumping. The fiberglass body has less strain on it than those mounted to a frame.

We have been using high-impact plastic bodies on our karts for nearly thirty years. We know its strengths. And a for the last four years we have seen the hybrid system hold up in some of the toughtest conditions.