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With so many go-karts to choose from we have grouped the different karts by size and/or style

Select Karts by;

series 3000 (large),
series 2000 (medium),
series 1000 (small),
two-seater, kid's, mini, dirt, electric, or dragster.

Our new line of mini karts. Small enough for a 6 year to drive, yet designed for an adult and small child. This ride is a Winner!

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RE Enterprises has the largest selection of go-karts. Over the last three decades we have built a line of karts that cannot be surpassed by anyone. We put more effort into the design of our karts. We have designed our karts to look more like mini racers rather than go-karts.

Our karts are not only the best looking karts, they are the most durable and maintenance free kart. We operate go-kart tracks of our own and have been since 1959. And like the rest of you we don't like the maintenance So we have built the lowest maintenance and most durable kart available today.

The new hybrid line of karts is one of our best innovations of the last 30 years. We built a very durable plastic base body that is covered by a fiberglass shell. We now have an even stronger plastic body and the superior look of fiberglass. It is the safest go-kart available. To find out more on the new hybrid line of karts click here.