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Speed Racer SR 1
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For over 30 years REC Enterprises has been the leader in go-kart design. Providing the best of what you wanted.

Over the years we have seen a cycle in the design of karts. Karts were small but heavy. Then we saw things go big and even heavier. Now the trend is back to smaller designs. Unfortunetly most go-karts are still heavy. So when you have karts colliding (which is often), you have all the weight of the kart adding to the impact.

We have addressed this concern with our series 1000 karts. They are small and lightweight, yet very durable. Now when there is bumping or ever a hard collision your customers are safer in the lightweight Speed Racer karts. The total weight of the karts start out at 350 lbs.

How do we do it? The hybrid body system is the key. We start with a light weight chasis. Though it is light weight it is designed for years of operation. (We offer a 3 year limited warrenty on the frame.) The plastic inner body is where most of the impact is taken. It is a specialy designed plastic body that rest on the chassis and then a fiberglass body rest on top of the plastic inner body. With the fiberglass we are able to get the sleek racing looks.