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Quantity 6+ Price $2,900.00
Kart Specifications
GT Racer
Lenght: 74 inches
Width: 41 inches
Height: 37 inches
Weight: 350 lb

Fiberglass top shell.

Frame: 1 1/2" x 2" x .120 rectangular steel tubing. All MIG welded. Urethane shock absorbers are mounted to the frame. The fiberglass body rest on the urethane shock absorbers.
Bumper: 3" spring steel bumper mounted to the urethane shock absorbers.
Engine: Honda air cooled engines with centrifugal wet clutch. Available engines are
5.5hp GX160K1, 6.5hp GX200K1, 8hp GX240K1, 9hp GX270 K1
Drive belt: Gates Poly Chain GT
Brake type: Heavy duty band brake. Our steel band brake has a truck brake lining rivetted to the steel band. Low maintenance
Linkages: Gas and brake rods, solid steel rods with metal linkages.
Steering; 3/4" tie rods, 1/2" tie rod ends.
Rear axle: 1" live axle (both tires drive) with tapered ends (no keyways to wear out). Our axles are made of the same chrome alloy used for hydralic rams.
Rear hub: Rear hubs are made from solid aluminum stock. CNC machined with taper for press fit onto axle. Wheel studs for quick tire changes.
Front spindle: 3/4" heat treated steel spindle and needle bearing caps.
Front hub: Front hubs are machined from solid aluminum stock. CNC machined for tapered roller bearings or sealed ball bearing. Wheel studs for quick tire change.
Tires: 5" go-kart slicks with tube.
Rims: 5" spun amluminum.
Differential axle: The differnetial drives the inside tire when the kart turns. The kart turns equally well left or right.
Split axle: Drives only one wheel. RE karts are set up to drive the right tire. A double brake is required.
2 gallon gas tank