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Formula One Racer fiberglass
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Quantity 6+ Price $5,800.00
Kart Specifications
Formula One Racer


Frame: 1 1/2" x 2" x .120 rectangular steel tubing. All MIG welded. Urethane shock absorbers are mounted to the frame. The fiberglass body rest on the urethane shock absorbers.
Bumper: 4" spring steel bumper mounted to the urethane shock absorbers.
Engine: Honda air cooled engines with centrifugal wet clutch. Available engines are
8hp GX240K1, 9hp GX270 K1, 13 hp
Drive belt: Gates Poly Chain GT
Brake type: Disk brakes
Linkages: Gas and brake rods, solid steel rods with metal linkages.
Steering; 3/4" tie rods, 1/2" tie rod ends.
Rear axle: 11/4" live axle (both tires drive) with tapered ends (no keyways to wear out). Our axles are made of the same chrome alloy used for hydralic rams.
Rear hub: Rear hubs are made from solid aluminum stock. CNC machined with taper for press fit onto axle. Wheel studs for quick tire changes.
Front spindle: 1" steel spindle and needle bearing caps.
Front hub: Front hubs are machined from solid aluminum stock. CNC machined for tapered roller bearings or sealed ball bearing. Wheel studs for quick tire change.
Tires: 8" slicks with tube.
Rims: 8" spun amluminum or steel rims.
Rack and pinion steering: Power steering for go-karts. Great for aspault tracks. Great for tracks with alot of turns. It helps absorb the shock from rough tracks. Improves the performance of the kart on any type of track.
Differential axle: The differnetial drives the inside tire when the kart turns. The kart turns equally well left or right.
Split axle: Drives only one wheel. RE karts are set up to drive the right tire. A double brake is required.
2 gallon gas tank