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The Key Lock Floatation System is simple yet very effective. It requires no special tools and just about anyone can install it.

The Key Lock Floatation System has a unique versatile design that allows the 2' x 8' modular sections to be assembled for any floatation need.

Designed for all water floatation needs.

Boat docks - All sizes. Nothing to small, nothing to large.
Floating Platforms - from small diving platforms to football sized HOT Islands like the one we built in Hawaii. (pictured above)
Barges - Nearly unsinkable.
Whatever needs to float - We custom build the dock sections and accessories to fit your needs.


The initial cost is much less then other dock system.
Maintenance cost is lower.

Almost no maintenance.

No paint
No wood to replace
No steel to rust
UV inhibitors keep plastic at its best for years

Extremely buoyant.

The continuous floatation design causes the docks to float in less then 2" of water. This makes the docks much more stable, even in rough waters. The waves flow under the dock. The low water draw also makes the docks less susceptible to ice damage.

Let us solve your floatation needs!

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